What we are about


"Any good business must start out with a purpose that

does NOT include just making money! "



   Making homemade pottery and offering it for sale started out after a career of making sure all my ducks were in a row every day, to a need to express my artistic side and have something to do in retirement.  From the beginning I believed that art is a gift from our maker and surely there was a place to give back some of the fruits of that gift…..and have some fun.  


    I make utilitarian, decorative and inspirational ware and would be happy if they make you happy and that you might want to take them home with you.  I also offer my expertise for the potter in glazing, forming, firing etc.  Because of the current health issues, I do not have a class but I will offer lessons in throwing and hand building in my home by appointment.


  My name is Jack however I am called “Cactus” because as a child I lived in Arizona and admired the mighty Saguaro cactus.  Because of this my cousins began to call me “Cactus Jack” and it stuck. (pun intended)